Q: How are you planning to keep ~ 30 Cottage Owners from being on the Lake at the same time?

A:  For the first ten units sold the developer will purchase, and make available to the unit owners, a pontoon boat and fishing boat. For the next 10 unit owners a second pontoon and fishing boat will be made available, if the demand requires it. Ditto for the third group of ten. Homeowners at The Cottages will not be allowed to have their own boats. No privately owned Boats will be allowed for Cottage Owners.

Q: How do you define the Lake use for The Cottages?

A: Individuals who live in the cottages will only be able to use the designated watercraft to go out on the lake. However, they will be able to fish from the docks/banks, swim and float in the lake and use the dock area. The use, maintenance, insurance and responsibility for the watercraft will lie solely with the members of the Cottages POA.